Whitehead’s Vision of the Future

In this month’s Harper’s , Anchor author Colson Whitehead narrates a vision of the future where the economic collapse kills the Internet and causes grotesque expansion of lapels, pants legs and gas prices, sending America back to the dark days of 1977. Reading the full piece requires registration, but the best part comes at the end, when the nation finds salvation in a rebirth of Star Wars:

From Luke Skywalker we learned idealism and industry. From R2-D2, a strange yet comforting brand of high-pitched resolve. From wise old Ben Kenobi, the supreme value of sacrifice. And finally, from Han Solo, how a vest can be the perfect accessory that lifts a just-okay smuggling outfit to the dandiest smuggling outfit for thirty parsecs.

Whitehead, the author of Sag Harbor, has a similarly upbeat Twitter, which he has been using to document his book tour.


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