Scent of the Future

Sure, we all love our Kindles and our Sony Readers. They’re great on the train, at the beach or in bed, lying in that position that’s perfectly comfortable so long as one’s arms aren’t straining to support a book. They’re even a little bit sneaky. Don’t want to be seen enraptured by the soft words of a drugstore romance novel? While you’re holding a Kindle, Lord of Scoundrels may as well be Leaves of Grass.

We love the way our e-readers look, but we miss that new book smell. Smell of Books offers the solution. Although unfortunately not a real product (I’d have ordered a can right away), their aerosol cans are the perfect gift for any nostalgic reader. It comes in five distinct scents!

  • New Book Smell — “Do you love the fresh scent of paper, ink, and glue? We sure do! That’s why we created New Book Smell in a can.”
  • Classic Musty Smell — “Like having the collected works of Shakespeare in a can.”
  • Scent of Sensibility — “The scent of violets, horses, and potpourri. It’s like living in a Jane Austen novel!”
  • Eau You Have Cats — “It’s just like borrowing a book from grandma’s house.”
  • Crunchy Bacon Scent — “A low calorie, low cholesterol alternative for your breakfast reading enjoyment.”

Okay, so it’s a joke. Fine. Now will someone please go out and make this? I’d like a ripped apart paperback sleeve for my e-reader too, while you’re at it.

Thanks to Pajiba for the link.

—W.M. Akers


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