Think the Super Bowl is just about football? Think again.

Allen St. John reveals how America’s biggest sporting event is more than just a couple hours on a Sunday: it’s a high stakes, real-life dramatic story, with millions of participants all hoping for the same thing—the greatest game ever.

Did you know…

  • More Americans watch the Super Bowl than vote in presidential elections.
  • The week before the Super Bowl, Americans purchase 1.5 million large-screen TVs.
  • Each year there are upwards of 7.5 million parties to celebrate the event.
  • The amount of food consumed in the USA on Super Bowl Sunday is second only to the amount eaten on Thanksgiving  (and according to the California Avocado Commission, Americans consume more than eight million pounds of guacamole on this single day).
  • Super Bowl host cities win the privilege four years in advance, after an elaborate competitive bidding process and a secret vote by the other NFL team owners.
  • For more, read his recent column in The Wall Street Journal, “A Cold Spell for the Big Game” 

What’s your favorite Super Bowl trivia? Tell us all about it and the top three comments will get a *free* copy.

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