Monitor Books podcast featuring National Book Award Finalist Jayne Anne Phillips

The Christian Science Monitor‘s most recent weekly books podcast features one of our own, author of National Book Award Finalist LARK & TERMITE, Jayne Anne Phillips.

Here’s a small preview, where Phillips discusses the origins of LARK & TERMITE:

“This book actually began over thirty years ago, when I was visiting my hometown and was standing at the window of a girlfriend’s apartment, and looked out over a kind of grass alley, which fronted several small houses. Sitting directly across from us was a boy of about eight or nine.  He was clearly disabled in some way, and he was holding up to his forehead a kind of long strip of blue plastic—like a dry cleaning bag.  He was blowing on it, and looking through it, in a way that was so… it kind of made an indelible image, I think, in my mind…”

Click here to check out the whole podcast.